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With an estimated 400,000 players worldwide, pickleball is the fastest growing paddle sport in North America and is quickly spreading to the rest of the world with clubs in Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Hungary, India, the Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, and Ukraine.

The game - a quick, fast paced combination of tennis and ping-pong - is played with wooden or graphite paddles and a modified, plastic wiffle ball. Pickleball is played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net. Gameplay includes singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Pickleball is easy to learn and can be played competitively by anyone regardless of their age or athletic abilities.
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Pickleball Ambassadors

Helping to build community and support the growth of pickleball throughout Ukraine.
David Conover
David has promoted the sport of pickleball by founding skagitPICKLE in Washington State, the Ukrainian Pickleball Association in Kyiv, as well as having served on the USA Pickleball Association board of directors; He is the #1 ranked player in Ukraine and the #2 ranked player in Finland.
Marty Curry
Marty is a typical North American pickleball player – an old guy with a bad back and bad knees! Since 2012 he has been the Athletic Director at Kyiv International School and is excited to build a fun and dynamic community of pickleball players in Ukraine whom he can hit a little, yellow ball at.
Taras Malyshevskyi
Taras is a career diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the first pickleball ambassador in Ukraine. That said – he is not very diplomatic on the court with his slick passing shots and tricky net play. His goal is to become the #1 ranked player within the foreign diplomatic community.
Zoya Sokolova
Zoya is an Associate Professor at the Institute of International Relations in Kyiv and an avid pickleball player. Her role with Pickleball Ukraine is to translate phrases like “dink the ball” and “get out of the kitchen” into the Ukrainian and Russian languages so they actually make sense.
Oksana Pashchenko
Membership, Marketing and Promotions
Oksana is an accomplished athlete who regularly medals in rhythmic gymnastics competitions in her native Ukraine. Those dance moves also work well on the pickleball court as she is the #1 ranked player in Ukraine named Oksana.
Pavlo Spiridonov
Membership, Marketing and Promotions
Pavlo is a natural at pickleball. He has quick hands, good control of the ball, and moves around the court with purpose. If you leave an opening he will find it much like a babushka cutting in line at the supermarket.
Anay Starenko
Membership, Marketing and Promotions
Anay has been a regular during Sunday Pickleball since we started playing. She is quite, kind and gentle – until you put a paddle into her hands and then she turns into relentless козаки́ warrior.
Sergyi Iamnenko
Membership, Marketing and Promotions
Sergyi is a pickleball junkie and would play everyday if he could. He has two goals with Pickleball Ukraine – to spread the joy of pickleball throughout Ukraine and to play in the pickleball world cup representing his country. Sergyi is the first player in Ukraine to dislocate his shoulder while playing!
Lera Verbovskaya
Clinics and Exhibitions
Lera might look like she is only seventeen years but she is actually a fifty-two year old babushka who spends her days selling root vegetables outside of Silpo and her evenings playing pickleball. She can teach you how to hit a consistent serve and how to make a matryoshka doll.
Illya Mazurets
Clinics and Exhibitions
Illya is the top ranked vegan pickleball player in all of Ukraine (and perhaps Eastern Europe). He is excited to share his love of non-dairy food, fruits, veggies, nuts, yoga, selfies while at the gym working out, and the game of pickleball – with new (and old) players alike.
Katie Holmquist
Clinics and Exhibitions
Katie’s favorite days of the week are Wednesday and Sunday so that she can play Pickleball. She’s not afraid to dive for the ball and you can hear her screaming in agony when she misses. She is excited to continue promoting Pickleball within her community and to the rest of Eastern Europe.
Matt Holmquist
Clinics and Exhibitions
Matt (standing next to the guy with the camera) has lived in Kyiv since 2014 and he was one of the first pickleball players in all of Ukraine. He has a great understanding of the game and once actually hit a kitchen shot. Matt is passionate about sharing that story with new players.
Courtney Taylor
Clinics and Exhibitions
Courtney is a former college athlete who has made the transition to superstar pickleball player. Her experience hitting drag bunts on the softball diamond makes her a natural at those cross court drop shots. She loves everything about Ukraine except the absence of Chick-fil-A.


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